Savor the Ocean's Bounty: From Healthy Bowls to Crispy Beer-Battered Fish

Delight in our diverse menu, now enriched with the essence of Mexican flavors, inviting you on a culinary journey that fuses tradition with innovation. For health-conscious diners, we offer a delectable selection, including our Mexican White Rice and Home made vegetables. If you crave something crispy, don't miss out on our renowned beer-battered fish and chips. As we celebrate the essence of Mexican cuisine, we've incorporated its vibrant flavors and rich heritage into our diverse menu, whatever your taste preferences or dietary needs, our restaurant has you covered with an array of tempting delights.

The essence of the sea


Delightful experiences

Christopher Fitch
Service was good, time waiting for the food was good. The pictures of the dishes on the menu accurately represented what was served, and the pricing seemed fair given the portion sizes. I liked the menu and how it was structured. The food also was okay.
Marina Melillo
Fresh and delicious, casual and clean. Cajun salmon and cauliflower mash were a perfect lunch combination with an order of coconut shrimp to start it off. Easygoing vibe and sunny wait staff. Great place to grab a quick bite or catch up with an old friend.
Marsha Kaslowski
Great place for outstanding fish'n chips! Perfectly done in a light beer batter with French fries on the side. Lots of fresh fish entrees and everything is so delicious! Good place with laid back atmosphere, and a varied menu--not only fish--with lots of choices. The staff is on point and very nice. You won't be disappointed!
David Van Wormer
The food is fresh and seasoned perfectly. The staff is very friendly and accommodates you to make sure you have everything you need. The salsas have many flavors incorporated in them; (which shows a sign of a great restaurant). The menu has a wide variety of items to please anyone. I highly recommend this place when you are craving amazing food, and it isn't over priced so your wallet doesn't suffer. Take the family and go see for yourself.
Laura Jenderko
This place is a bit small but very cozy. The food was awesome. We had the 2 piece fish and chips. The portions of the fish was great, not all batter like most places. Clean place, service was good. You can sit down and eat there or order out. Next time I'm in the area I will be stopping in.
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